Casio G’zOne Ravine 2 Manual Guide PDF Download

Casio G’zOne Ravine 2 Manual PDF, If you are the owner of this mobile phone and need instruction book that can show you how to use and operate the mobile phone, you can get the download link of guide from Verizon Wireless website here. It will show you to use the mobile phone. This instruction guide comes with 91 pages pdf file format and 2.23 MB size.

casio g'zone ravine 2 manual

In this guide, you can find anything information that is concluded on the table content belows:

  1. Before using, in this chapter contain about inside the package, handset descriptions, display indicators, feature overview, installing the sim card and battery, removing the battery, charging the battery, battery handling information, using a memory card and connecting to the headset jack.
  2. Basic operation, in this chapter contain about turning the phone on and off, menu access,menu summary,making a call, about push to talk, turning ptt on/of,using a push to talk (ptt) alert,using a push to talk (ptt) barge, answering calls, answering ptt calls, ending a call, missed call notification, wait/pause, making an international call, 3 way calling, call waiting, volume quick adjustment, caller id, vibrate mode, mute function, speakerphone, flashlight, voice dictation, text to speech, available options during a call, making an emergency call and motion detection.
  3. Memory function, in this chapter contain about storing a phone number, text input, using the text input mode and one, two, three digit speed dialing.
  4. Menu function, in this chapter contain about contacts, messaging, recent calls, media center, vz navigator and settings & tools.
  5. Safety and warranty, in this chapter contain about safety information for wireless handheld phones, general safety, safety information for fcc rf exposure, sar information, hearing aid compatibility (hac) for wireless telecommunications Devices, teletypewriter (tty) devices, fda consumer update, emergency calls, compliance with other fcc regulations, avoid potential hearing loss, fcc compliance information, recycle your cell phone and 12 month limited warranty.

Ravine 2 Viewed for manual
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Casio G’zOne Ravine 2 Manual
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Download Area For Ravine 2
You can download anything about such as Software, Pc suite and etc here.

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